Darling, You Will Be A Bitch


“You will be a bitch.”  I was at least 8 years old when my dad told me that I would grow up to be a bitch one day.  WTH?  This girl’s dad told her she was going to be a bitch?  Yes, indeed he did and he was right.  My father has played a large […]

5 Fab Staycation Ideas for Spring Break

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I’m cheap and I hate crowds.  This means that vacationing during my spring break is pretty much my worst nightmare.  I’m not saying that you should pull your kids out of school for a cost effective vacation, I’m just saying that I’m glad my kids have good grades (wink, wink). I’ve been in the mom […]

Barbie Was Never The Problem

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Last week we witnessed history when Mattel unveiled a new and completely diverse collection of Barbie dolls.  Three dolls, three new body types.  Six additional skin tones, twenty-one eye colors and twenty-three more hairstyles.  Bravo, Mattel!  You literally broke the mold. The excitement I saw all over social media was contagious and like many other women, […]

Read to Me, Valentine


I love Valentine’s day as much as love watching holiday themed programming on the Hallmark channel. I was raised with Valentine’s Day being, “El dia de el amor” which translates to, “The day of love”.  VDay was never about about being boo’d up or receiving flowers from an admirer, it was and still is about […]

Healthy Mind, Happy Life

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My definition of a healthy lifestyle does not involve kale chips or a gluten free diet.  I’m too lazy to work out so it doesn’t involve any exercise either.  My idea of a healthy lifestyle starts with the mind and soul. I have a reason to be bitter and angry every single day.  Every morning […]

Choose Nexium


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias Inc. and it’s advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone. #ChooseNexium24HR #CollectiveBias In the words of William Shakespeare, “better 3 hours too soon than a minute to late”.  Since becoming a parent, I treasure even the seconds that time has to offer.  That’s why I don’t cook, I make […]

7 Fringe Booties For Your Tiny Fashionista

Image Credit: Nordstrom

If you have a tiny slave to fashion in your home they have most likely been begging for a pair of fringe boots or booties and if you are a parent who is tough on the outside but complete mush on the inside, you have been searching for fringe footwear that can offer style, comfort at […]

Latina Mom Problems via Buzzfeed


You are Latina.  You are Americana.  You get the struggle. Check out 22 Things All Latina Americana Moms Understand on Buzzfeed by ME here!

You down with PPD? My ride with Postpartum Depression.

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Yeah you know me!  Say it loud, say it proud!  I have hopped on the Postpartum depression roller coaster three times.  Call me controversial but I am convinced that every single woman that goes through the grueling pregnancy process goes through some sort of PPD.  The problem is that if we do not talk about it, women […]

Learn with Homer


Thank you to Learn With Homer for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. I am a mother of three children.  Two of those children are girls which will one day become women who will have to work harder than men to stay ahead of the game.  This past week I have […]