Minivan Wars

Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Round 1, fight!  My daughters have turned into two little humans that I no longer recognize.  I am sure that they have been in contact with the infamous Don King because it seems as if every 15 minutes they are around one another, they break into the most ridiculous fights.  They fight for absolutely everything.  “You are breathing my air!”, “Stop coming into my castle!”(there is no castle, it is just air, it’s an air castle), “You can’t watch Sofia the first.  Mommy, Penny won’t close her eyes and Sofia the first is on!”, really?  Is this my life?  Is this what I went to college for?  Each time that we load into the swagger wagon there is a fight over who pushed who,  who sat first, why X is looking out of Y’s window or God knows what else.  The possibilities are endless.
I’ve officially thrown in the towel and let them have at each other.  Now I just sit back and shake my head at the ridiculousness that is coming out of their little mouths.  If you want to see what I’m working with, simply check out the video below.

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