Walking with Dinosaurs…

My little Dinosaurs

Go ahead, call me Ross Gellar because if you know me, you know I love dinosaurs.  It’s odd, I know but the power behind these ginormous beings that used to chill on our earth is amazing to me.  Can you imagine waking up, looking out your window and seeing a giant lizard peeking into your room and salivating over devouring you?  Yes, I know, I’m odd.

I had the awesome opportunity of being able to screen Walking with Dinosaurs with my family who of course also love dinosaurs because I have brainwashed them to do so and we all loved it.  The movie is so realistic and so engaging.  We couldn’t stop watching.  My husband had to fill up our popcorn multiple times.  We started our “Dino-Day” with a few free printable activities that you download straight from their website.  My daughters really enjoyed the cross word and paint by numbers.  My son, better known as t-rex, well, he enjoyed ripping up their cross words and paint by numbers.   We also have a dinosaur game from scholastic that was already downloaded onto our iPad, my son spent the entire afternoon roaring and stomping away.  He is roaring as we “speak” actually.  We ended the evening with two dinosaur books which were, “How do Dinosaurs say, I love you” and “How do Dinosaurs say, I’m mad”.

Here are a few links that you can use to put together your own “Dino-Day” with your family.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  (son is still roaring)

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