Comfy Errand Day

I get it, you’re a mom.  You have no time to think of what you should wear.  Time for eyeliner?  Mascara?  Concealer?  Hell no.  You have become an expert at refreshing your face in your car (parked of course).  So, now what?  What do you throw together when you want to be a little stylish on your trip to the $100 section at Target?  I have a sick obsession with my boyfriend jeans and throw them on whenever I need to run around, need pockets and don’t want to have to wear spanx.  I can pair them up with almost anything and they really are a life saver from me.  I have these from the Gap and have not had a day that I regret my purchase.
I purchased the jacket from Zara last year in both black and the tan color listed below.  This past fall I saw an exact replica of the jacket at Kohl’s for about $38!  I just about died but whatever, the deed was done by that point.  Once again, a crisp pair of converse are a staple in my closet as well as giant sunglasses so that I don’t have to wear make up.Comfy Errand Day


  1. I just purchased my very first pair of Chuck Taylors! Can you believe that? First pair ever! But, I had to go with Navy because, well, that’s my neutral.

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