Parking it up!

Parking it up with the littles

There is no wrong time to wear leather leggings.  They are especially great for moms so stop telling yourself you are too old to pull them off.  You can get dirty hand hugs and not worry about whipping out the tide pen because all you have to do is wipe whatever mystery gunk off.
My favorite v-necks are from J.Crew and Old Navy as I mentioned before.  I don’t have to worry about boobage hanging out when I bend over.
The Archer sandals from Dolce Vita get a lot of use from me in the summer.  They go with everything (especially when you purchase a bunch of colors, not that I have because my husband reads my blog).
I love the rose gold locket from House of Harlow.  It can be used in so many ways and hold pictures of your babes close to your heart.  I know I loved looking at my grandmother’s locket when I was a kid.  Also, who knows how long rose gold will be the hot thing, I love this watch by Nikon.  It’s rose, I can tell the time with it and it is under $100, win/win.
I like to pop in some color when I feel too matchy and this envelope clutch by Melie Bianco gets the jizob done.
I “borrowed” my mother’s 30+ year old aviators a few years back and keep them in my purse at all times.  They are timeless and always make me feel better when I haven’t slept because a stomach virus bomb has been circling my house for weeks.

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