Throw your hands in the air!

gynecology-stirrupsJust throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care! Because if you’re a woman who grooms herself more for her gyno than her man then everybody say, OH YEAH!
Am I the only one?  Beuller?  Anyone?  I couldn’t help but notice the grooming I put myself through when I have an ob/gyn check up.  I pulled out all the stops, pedicure, manicure, shaved legs, shaved…  ALL THE STOPS!  The nice bra, the good lotion, subtle perfume that says, “I’m a woman but not a whore”.  It was like I was getting myself ready for the infamous third date (We all know what most people do on their third date).  Just to be clear, NO, I do not have the hots for my ob/gyn.  I just feel bad for them!  I know they must love what they do but who wants to look at that all day.  ALL DAY!  The least I can do is make it a little easier on them…  I’m getting so uncomfortable writing this that I’m going to have to just stop…  Right now.  (Oh yeah!)


  1. *Totally* relate to this. Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Nope!

  3. You are not the only one. I think my husband is a little jealous of my gyno because I never really clean up for my husband, but if I have a gyno appointment, I spend about a week grooming in preparation. I think it is more out of embarrassment than anything else.

  4. Is it the 3rd date really? You just threw a wrench in my dating world Elle. I thought it was the 4th or 5th! hahahaha..
    Yes I prep for my gyno as much as my dates. I used to take the day off work so I can shower before going because I went after work once and felt so gross not being”fresh”.

  5. TOTALLYYY relatable!! My hubby gets almost jealous when I have a gyno appt. I used to get waxed(brazilian) 2-3 days before when I was pregnant and now he says “what happened to those days” lol

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