An Afternoon of Art and Beauty

photo.PNG-5Who can ask for anything more?   My daughter and I were invited to a delightful afternoon with VIVE at the Children’s Museum of Art.  We were warmly greeted and as quickly as my daughter was directed to the crafts, I was directed to the mimosas (heaven).  There was a staff of hair and make up set up to glam up the moms and daughters.  One of those daughters that did not miss the opportunity to get her hair curled and pink lipstick professionally put on was of course my child.  While she sat in the make up chair, I had the chance of sipping on some T, that’s BIG T NYC.  The flavors are so refreshing and they even had an option for children sans caffeine, which of course, I tried too.  My daughter loved “Unexpected Fling” (not the caffeine free option) so much that she took a cup to go.

VIVE is a service that can be booked online so no worries on waiting for quiet time to make a phone call.  This service is perfect for a busy mom, a fun shower, birthday party and even children’s parties.  A new mom can wear her baby, get her hair and make up did and once the sitter arrives she can run out of her house as fast as she can.  The super friendly staff of VIVE will ensure that she looks amazing as she runs out that door.  Hair flowing in the wind and all that.

They also do children’s haircuts and fun braids.  How many times have you tried to do the “Elsa braid” on your daughter and failed miserably?  Well now you can have someone else do it for you.

I did ask the fabulous ladies of VIVE if they would venture out to the land we don’t speak of which is where I currently reside  (New Jersey) and they said they were working on expanding and having the service available for us Jersey girls too!  YAY!

We had a wonderful time, please visit VIVE’s website and Facebook page for proof and for more information on the deliciousness that is BIG T NYC, please visit their website as well.

If you are still looking for a Mother’s Day gift, you can book a service provided by VIVE and pamper mom at home with promo code ILoveMyMom for a 10% discount on a selected service now through the end of May.   Don’t forget to include some BIG T with her breakfast that morning as well.  You can thank me later.

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