It’s Friday Night…

imagesIt’s Friday night and the moon is bright… Remember that little intro that meant that you and your family were going to be entertained for the next 2 hours? I. Loved. Friday nights with my family and am so glad to see that one of my favorite programs is coming back with a little twist.

Boy Meets World is back!  Kind of.  The show now follows Cory and Topanga’s daughter. I know,  they have an almost 13 year old daughter.  Say what?!  Correct me if I’m wrong but Cory Matthews was born in 1980, 1982 the latest.  This puts him and Topanga at about 20-ish years old when they had their now 13 year old daughter who plays the lead in the new Girls Meets World.  Right?  I’m too lazy to google but who knew they had a baby so young?  Totally explains why I never saw them at the clubs.

I’m super excited to watch the new Girl Meets world with my children and will hopefully make a little bit of an event out of it all since the original was one of my favorite things to watch on Friday nights with my family.  Thank you for bringing Family television back!  Can’t wait for June 27th!  TGIF!


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