Momma Flare

Mom Flare

This past weekend I tried out Seafarer jeans for the very first time.  They were amazing.  I didn’t have to pull anything up, no crack, made my flatty look like a fatty.  I did however have to hem the ish out of them.  I’m 5’4″ and I would say I had to remove about 6-8 inches which was fine because the flare look that I wanted was still accomplished.
The navy top from Zara turned out to be more on the crop top side and I will be the first to admit that this girl right here should NOT be wearing a crop top but because the jeans were high waisted, it all worked out.
I love white blazers and purchase one every year since after all the wear I give them by the time Labor Day weekend comes along my white blazer is not cute anymore.  Thankfully my blazer that I purchased from Madewell last year is still working out but that didn’t stop my from purchasing a gathered shoulder white blazer from Zara (How could I not?).

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