Oh Baby! Baby!

Oh Baby! Baby!

In the past few years I have been to Paris, hopped on a Nautical adventure amidst hurricane Sandy and even attended my very own family circus.  The days of all pink or all blue baby showers are over as well as the mumu’s that so many of our moms once had to wear.Maternity fashion has come a long way since my mother’s frock with a giant bow strategically placed right under her neck making her look like Bozo the clown.  With so many different types of showers there are also different looks that the mom to be can showcase on her big day.  I love cotton fabrics when I’m pregnant because I could never wear a dress like the one on the right (see above) post baby.  The only excuse I would have for my pre AND post-baby bump would be a 12PM cheeseburger, so when I’m pregnant, I wear tight cotton dresses as much as possible.  Whether I am expecting or not, I always carry a bag large enough to be able to fit my favorite slippers, my Dolce Vita Archer’s.  Let’s keep it real here, as much as you want to be pregnant, fabulous and in heels, you also want to be comfortable.I based the look on the left on what my best friend would wear to a shower.  She is more conservative and girly than me.  I mean, I have three kids, I obviously live on the wild side.  The look on the left includes a dress also by Rosie Pope, wedges by Lily Pulitzer, stackable cuff bracelets by C.Wonder and I thought that the boy or girl enamel charms by Tiffany would be a perfect gift for the mom to be to wear on her shower day.  We can’t forget a handbag large enough to fit my favorite sandals of course, the Dolce Vita Archers.Let us join in a moment of silence for all the mothers before us who fell victim to 80s maternity fashion.

Even the Duchess of York fell victim to 80's Maternity Fashion.

Even the Duchess of York fell victim to 80’s Maternity Fashion.

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