12 reasons why Joan Holloway GETS Motherhood.

I’ve been a major fan of Mad Men from the very beginning. My husband and I even dress up when the program returns from hiatus and with this being the last season, I noticed something this past Sunday. Joan totally get’s motherhood and here is why.

1. She judges women who have a birth plan.

2. Her mother calls her fat even though she just had a baby… Just me? Okay then.

3. The Post Partum Depression struggle is REAL.

4. Absolutely no meds for labor? Hold on.

5. So, you mean to tell me that because I had a c-section, I didn’t REALLY give birth.

6. No one helps her with the door. Even though she is obviously struggling.

7. When her baby is asleep, she will do anything necessary to keep him asleep.

8. She closes the door and cries. We’ve all been there.

9. She knows what to do when a debate over formula vs. breast, vaccine vs. not, co-sleeping vs. crying it out or natural birth vs. medicated birth is about to begin.

10. When her husband asks her what she has done all day, this goes through her mind.

11. She has half assed phone sex with her husband.

12. She longs for the one thing we all long for. Sleep. A sweet, sweet slumber.

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