If you buy this girl new sneakers…

images-4If you buy this girl new sneakers, she’s going to want new work out pants, when she gets new work out pants, she’s going to want new t-shirts, once she has new t-shirts, she’s going to want a couple of sports bras. When she gets new sports bras, she’s going to want new hair ties. When she gets her new hair ties, she’s going to realize that she has to get her roots done. When she gets her roots done, she is going to want to buy extensions because big hair is great hair.

Okay, so I don’t work out and am most likely the weakest person on this planet.  Seriously, the nurse at my yearly physical laughed at me when she had to test my strength, it’s okay, I wasn’t offended, how much muscle does it really take to sit behind the wheel of a minivan?  BUT with all that said, I have noticed that I am morphing into something.  Well, my arms are morphing into bat wings.  Not cute, especially with summer right around the corner.  The blazer is going to have to come off sooner or later, right?  So, I asked around on my Facebook fitness group (which I’m really only part of because if something funny is posted, I don’t want to miss it) and nothing, nothing for bat wings.  Then I googled and that sent me to youtube, where my ADD directed me to the land of make up tutorials which made me land here, on my blog, talking about my bat wings.

I did find this gem though which I’m obviously not going to do.  “Everything works better when you push it together!”, no need to watch it after that quote. Cheers to more blazers!  Hope you enjoy!


  1. Hahaha. HAHAHAHAHA! This blog, that video, and bat wings have made me nearly pee. And I totally bought all that stuff up there too. It is a chain reaction, totally.

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