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There is a motto I go by, it is WWJD and the J represents Jenny and yes, it is Jenny from the block and yes, that is J.Lo, Jennifer Lopez.  I understand that I cannot compare myself  to her and only because of course, I’m not from the Bronx but there are many times since becoming a mom that I look at a garment, love it and tell myself I’m too old to wear it.  There were about 2 years in my life that I was dressing like a Gap employee in the 80s.  You know, khakis, button down top or pique polo t-shirt.  I thought that was the way a mom should dress.  I wasn’t supposed to show anything or be even a teensy bit trendy or even sexy for that matter but to be completely honest with you, I’ve never been sexy.  I’ve always been the funny one.  That is until, I focused my attention to one of the hottest moms out there, Jennifer Lopez.  She is a mother and dresses immaculately.  So, why not me?!

So moving right along to the point of my post.  Necessary clothing has so many cute and inexpensive options for trendy pieces.  They also have a RETURN policy unlike that other inexpensive store that sells cute trendy pieces.  I bought this jumper and paired it up with a denim vest because it is strapless and I don’t want to suffer a wardrobe malfunction while carrying my son.  I feel like if I didn’t have children, I would wear this jumper without a cover up and maybe even heels but instead wear my favorite flats and denim vest make it perfect for a day out with my children.  This outfit has been kid tested and mom approved.

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