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My oldest daughter has a palette of a 35 year old woman.  My second daughter has a palette that is pretty normal for her age and my son, well, he doesn’t like to eat at all.  I do my part by making him food and serving it and he does his part by either throwing it all over the floor, on himself, on the wall or just running away and hiding under the bed.
When I received the opportunity to try out the Sprout Organic Foods ready-to-feed pouches (I call them Squeezies), I jumped on it because while my son hates food, he LOVES squeezies!  We received our samples and my son was so excited to see them that he grabbed the first one he could and ate it all.  Now, I can’t get this kid to eat the things that were included in this pouch, ever.  I can’t even get him to eat-period but he guzzled the Peach Multigrain cereal pouch and then asked for another one.  I don’t think you understand and I may not have stated it a million times already but my son does not eat.  I let him have the applesauce pouch as a dessert and once again, my VERY picky eater or lack of an eater made it vanish in seconds.
The best part about Sprout Organic Foods is that they have food options available for children of all ages.  All of their ingredients are organically grown, they offer balanced nutrition with veggie options for every stage and are also offer planet friendly packaging!  You can’t get greener than that.
I look forward to making Sprout Organic Foods part of our every day snacks and can’t wait to try the smoothie options they have available for older children and by older I mean my husband hates vegetables and I’m thinking I could trick him by giving him a smoothie.

Baron is actually eating...

Baron is actually eating…


Baron is eating... AGAIN!

Baron is eating… AGAIN!

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