Last day of school

imageAnyone want to photoshop a 1st and last day sign onto a pic of my girls?  Totally meant to do this in September but then I  told myself that I would do it tomorrow, then next week and now it is June and school is officially over.  I love all the first and last day of school pictures that are popping up on my newsfeed but can’t help but feel a tiny bit of guilt that I pushed mine back.

I have contemplated using a random picture of them in uniform from any year and then taking a last day of school picture and making that work but the only picture I found was one from Penelope’s pre-school Cinco de Mayo Party where she is sporting a mustache and mole.  Then, the only first day of school picture I found for Sophia was from her actual first day of school, when she was just three years old.  I went as far as switching heads, might have even tried to face in hole with my friends kids.  None of this worked very well and using my friends children’s body just didn’t feel Kosher.

We went for manicures and pedicures to celebrate the last day of early wake up calls and packing up lunches.  Yes, I love the last day of school as much as the kids do.  Finally!  I can take my time during the day and not have to schedule everything within their school schedule and you know that every time I decide to venture out while they are in school, I get a phone call from the school nurse.  Every. Single. Time.  Never fails.  So two full months of peace of mind for mom are priceless.

I tried my best to redeem myself for their pictures today on their last day of classes and told them to have fun at the entrance to their school.  This is what happened.

Welcome Summer!

Welcome Summer!


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