Rites of Passage


If you ever want to feel good about your parenting,  grab a seat next to me.  I love my children.  I live for them, they are tiny pieces of me.  Sometimes even annoying pieces of me but not as annoying as my stretch marks which are not so tiny by the way.  Like every other parent, I guilt myself into taking my children to the park or zoo or whatever.  I feel like it is something good parents do.  These things are a rite of passage and if my children do not grow up with countless pictures in front of a caged animal, I have failed.

I have been making an effort not to do the bridge and tunnel deal and learn a little more about New Jersey.  This week I ventured out to the Turtle Back Zoo with my children, sister from another mister and godson.

We were there alongside what seemed like every single day camp in the state of New Jersey.  It was an uphill battle.  No really, there are a bunch of steep hills and pushing a 20lb + kid in a stroller alongside a diaper bag and purse was a battle.  So glad I wore walking shoes and that I can now say that I did a full 3 hours of cardio.  I rewarded myself with a meal in the cafe which comes with a refillable cup.  I of course took full advantage of and refilled with crack Diet Coke.  We took a ride on the carousel where I scarred my son for life when I laughed at his misery while he rode the carousel and all in all, had a pleasant time at Turtle Back and will be returning since I purchased a family pass since it pays for itself in two visits.

Till we meet again Turtle Back. In the meantime here are some pictures of my work out, I mean, adventure as well as a video of Baron’s first time on the carousel.


photo 2

First time I saw an American Bald Eagle up close! I felt very patriotic and of course, proud to be an American.


photo 1

Just keep swimming… Just keep swimming… Only a few more steps until I get to the top of this hill.


Here is the video! Hope you can get past my cackling.

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