Cowboys and Indians invade Kidville

Cowboys and Indians invaded Kidville in Upper Montclair for Baron’s second birthday.  He celebrated alongside his pint sized friends where there was no judgement when someone had to step out for a diaper change.  It was perfect.  I had never celebrated a birthday at Kidville and I am so upset at myself for waiting this long!  I did nothing but make a phone call and ask for a personalized theme.  Arielle alongside Jackie at Kidville Montclair did everything for me.  They chose crafts, bought personalized decor, everything!  It was amazing.  So amazing that two of my guests have already decided to use them for their tiny tots birthday parties.

We crafted, we zip lined, we had a full blown cowboys vs indians war, we over ate and the best part of it all is that I had to do NOTHING but show up. The staff that helped us out and went above and beyond with our tiny tots. They carried them, they sat on the floor and played with them, they colored with them, talked to them. It really was the most carefree I have even been at a child’s birthday party.  The only thing missing was a themed cocktail but I digress. Going forward, I cannot imagine celebrating any of Baron’s future birthdays any other way.

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