A Petite Fourth of July

A Petite 4th

The 4th isn’t only a holiday that I look forward to but my children love sporting their red, white and blue proudly every year.My two daughters are currently going through a stage where they hate dressing differently and they hate dressing alike.  I have found a happy medium by picking up similar pieces within the same collection and still incorporating their personal styles so that I don’t have to listen to whining.  Sophia loves twirling in dresses and Penelope loves climbing, leaping and flipping.  I saw these pieces in Carter’s a few months back and knew they would be perfect for the 4th.  They have both already gotten great use of them.  I decided to pair up Penelope’s anchor top with a pair of polka dot red shorts that I purchased from Janie and Jack.  Penelope will get the white for her outfit from her hair bow and Salt Water Sandals.  Sophia will get her red for her outfit from her hair bow and sandals as well.  I purchased a reversible John John for Baron’s birthday, it’s perfect, it’s monogrammed and hopefully he will name his son something that starts with a B so that it can be passed on one day.American Flags and ketchup stains to be added tomorrow!  Can’t wait!

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