Happy 4th!

Happy 4th!

It’s here!   It’s here!  The day that I can eat mystery meat aka hot dogs until I cannot stand up and wave my flag while getting goosebumps as the crowd sings the Star Spangled Banner.  God Bless America!

This year I will be wearing a great find that I purchased from the J.Crew Factory store.  I had to get it hemmed because I’m a dwarf but I love the dress and feel as Jackie O as a Latina can feel in it.  Every fourth of July needs some sparkle and I’m adding that sparkle with my bib necklace from Bauble Bar which is appropriately called the Firecracker Bib.  I will be pretending that I have a waist by throwing on a red skinny belt that I purchased at Target and throwing on my gold slippers from Aldo Shoes and carrying a gold clutch from BCBG so that no one thinks I’m stealing silverware (you never know).

I hope everyone enjoys the 4th!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain on our parade.

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