Thank Heaven…

Thank Heaven...

Thank Heaven!  If you have not noticed, I have a soft spot for everything girly so when I was granted my wish of a lifetime and had two daughters back to back, I was (am) the happiest person in the world.  What I didn’t know was how different my daughters would be, hence the illustration that the fabulous Michelle Baron made of me and my two girls.

I based this look off of my older daughter who loves pink, sparkles and bows.  She would wear something like this to a park,  hunt for worms in it, anything and I just leave her be.  I feel like you can’t ever go wrong with a classic look whether it be on an adult or a child.  This pink dress is by Florence Eiseman.  I LOVE Florence Eiseman and am so sad that Sophia will not be able to wear these types of dresses for much longer since she is growing out of the sizing that is available at most stores.  That means, I have to squeeze in all the frill for as long as I can.  The tiara is by Crewcuts by J.Crew, cute right?  It’s a headband so it won’t fall off or need bobby pins in order to secure it like the other tiaras out there.

I started a tradition with my daughters on our visits to Disney.  I bought a charm bracelet for each of them and every year we visit Disney we  purchase 4 or 5 charms to add.  Each charm represents a magical moment shared with ME, mommy in Disney.  It’s a lot of fun and they are both so proud of their bracelets.  The bracelet I posted here is not one of the ones we have but it is a lot more cost effective and gives you at the whole cast of Sleeping Beauty (if your daughter is into that) in one haul.

What’s a frilly girl without some sparkle?  These shoes by Reef Kids are not only super cute but also super comfortable.  Sophia has even rock climbed in those shoes.  Is it safe?  I don’t know but I can tell you that she has lived to tell the tale of the girl who went rock climbing in sparkly shoes more than once.

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