It’s a plane!

No like, it’s really a plane, like for real. A plane that talks, well, several planes that talk and some other things too.

Last night my daughters and I enjoyed a sneak peek to Disney’s Planes Fire and Rescue. I was a little worried because my daughters are pretty girly but this movie reeled them right in. They did not fight, the did not realize that their hands would touch when they would reach for the popcorn simotanuosely and when my younger daughter began crying at a touching moment in the movie, my older daughter passed her a tissue and held her hand instead of pointing and laughing at her.

My daughters couldn’t wait to tell their dad how much the inside of a one of the locations in the movie looked very much like the  inside of the Wilderness Lodge at Magic Kingdom where we always stop at Whispering Canyon for some  Ketchup and Cobbler. Ohhhhh, that cobbler.

If you want to get your children even more excited to watch this movie, you can find a bunch of free printables here,  click me! click me!  They have mazes, coloring pages, crafts, a Planes Fire and Rescue themed travel bingo and more.

It was a great movie and we can’t wait to watch it again and again and again because my kids don’t stop watching a movie until they know all the lines from the script. It’s lovely, really.

Here is a trailer from the movie so you can see how great it looks for yourself. I hope you all enjoy it as much as my family did.

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