Drivers wanted

new-york-taxi-cabI have reached a stage of motherhood that I was never warned about.  On most days I feel more like a personal assistant and chauffeur than anything else.  Long gone are the days of enjoying my children because now they have something to do every day of the week and most of the time on weekends.
There is dance on Mondays, Cheer on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and swim on Wednesdays.  Every day of the week a new themed backpack is packed the evening before by my two older girls and later unpacked by my 2 year old son and every morning I have to make sure everything is still in there.  Socks, check.  Swim cap, check.  Bobby pins, check.  Every single day, I feel as if I am rushing through the day to get to the activity they have scheduled that afternoon.  That is until now.
We have decided as a family to take a break this summer from everything and enjoy having absolutely nothing to do.  Spending an entire day in bed watching movies, going to the zoo and not having to rush through the exhibits, not planning a hairstyle in the morning based on what has to be done that afternoon.  This summer we are going to do what everyone looks forward to every year when summer comes around and that is doing nothing but enjoying the warm weather, wearing bright colors, playing with sidewalk chalk, getting dirty, creating stains with ice cream from the ice cream truck, having water fights and sleeping in.  Sweet, sweet sleeping in. .
Our summer of nothing officially starts in two weeks and yes, that isn’t the entire summer but we signed contracts, RSVP’d to parties and made payments so why not finish the month out.  I am looking forward to our summer month of nothing so much and can’t wait to capture it all through pictures and memories.
So, for those of you with little ones who are learning how to sit, walk, run, talk or even socialize, enjoy this time because you’ve been warned of what is right around the corner.

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