Worrrrk it baby!

Worrrrk baby!


I get it.  You’re very pregnant, at least 20 weeks along and you are not loving your new bodacious bod.  Goodbye tiny waist!  So long normal fingers and hello sausages!  Farewell toes, see you in 20 weeks when this is all over.  So, you are not feeling your best but I promise, the world around you is not suffering from the body dysmorphia that you are and does not see the same thing you do when you look in the mirror.  You look great, you make feel like crap but you look great.  Promise.  I found some very similar pieces to a repeat offender from when I was pregnant.  So, get your head out of that toilet bowl for just one second and check out this outfit that is great for every day and work (if your job allows a super swollen pregnant woman who can’t wear normal pants to wear leggings).

The very first thing I tell my pregnant friends is, 1. Your vjj might need it’s own zip code at some point and 2. Buy the Old Navy full panel maternity leggings.  As a matter of fact, buy one for every day of the week.  The only thing I dislike about those pants is that they weren’t around for my all of my pregnancies.  They are full panel, super comfy and I might have worn them to bed last night.  Awesome. Maternity leggings.  Buy them.  Buy lots of them.

I love a good top and this pink one can be worn in so many ways.  When I’m pregnant I like to purchase pieces that I can wear at all times.  Parties, work, playground, everything.  This top can be worn with jeans, slacks, leggings, a pencil skirt.  Almost anything.  I love the color, it should really bring out the pasty look you get in your face right before you are going to vom.  The necklace is sparkly and perfect to bring attention to something else other than your bump since that is all people look at these days.

I like to throw on a pair of fun flats to any plain outfit.  Since I crossed over the bridge and tunnel and moved to New Jersey, animal print is always in order.  I have a pair very similar to these Steve Madden leopard print flats that I wear all the time to sass an outfit up.  They get the job done.

Every pregnant woman needs a good pair of sunglasses to cover up the under eye circles towards the end of her pregnancy because she can’t sleep because the baby inside her is moving all over the place or she has been hit with the last trimester, pregnancy insomnia.  Double edged sword if you ask me.  Go out and purchase a good, large and dark pair of sunglasses.  Wear them P.Diddy style, indoors, outdoors, doesn’t matter.  No one is going to be paying mind to your eyes with that sparkly necklace, fun flats and cute bump.

Lots of luck!  You are almost there!

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