Little Elliot, Big City

c-f5BHoiWe are a family that hugs, smiles, watches reality television and loves elephants.  My son may be only two years old but his fascination with elephants is greatly enabled by his mom (that’s me).  If it has an elephant on it, you can consider it sold because it is coming home with us.
We are also a family that loves reading.  We purchased a book for every year of our oldest daughter’s life for her first 3 years.  We had to stop as it became a little ridiculous.  Since we are a family that loves reading and books, when I got the opportunity to read a book before it hit the shelves, I had to take it.  There is a new book that is coming out on August 26th called, “Little Elliot, Big City”, which tells the story of a tiny polka dotted elephant that lives in a city so big that no one ever notices him.  Imagine that, no one noticing an elephant?    In this story, we follow this tiny elephant’s journey.  I’m not giving more away.
I love how the author, Mike Curato chose an elephant to deliver the message of this story because like I said before, even my two year old understands that elephants are ginormous but in this story, this elephant, Elliot is almost as tiny as he is.
This was my first time reading a book by Mike Curato and I can’t wait to expand our little library with more.

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