Ah-hah, Push it…

Push that push present!  I remember when I could count the number of weeks to my scheduled c-section on my two hands. I was terrified.  Even though it was my third go round, I had some serious anxiety.  I had not done a thing for the tiny alien invader that would soon join our family.  You know, third child problems. However, I did have visions of my push present possibilities prancing in my head.

I get it, blah, blah, blah.  I’ve heard it all, “Your healthy baby is your present!”.  Listen, ain’t nobody got time for the hatorade, don’t judge and hold off on the hate mail because the way I see it is, yes, a woman has given life and yes that’s awesome but when someone gives you a gift, you send them some sort of thank you, right?  Well, if a woman gives life, someone better hook a sistah up with a pressie.  A push present doesn’t have to always be something that sparkles.  I mean, I absolutely prefer it in the form of leather goods and/or sparkle because it’s only right (for me) but there are many other things you can give.

Check out the slideshow below to see some of my favorite push presents.

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