Lovely Lady Bump

Lovely Lady Bump

It’s getting hot in here!  I am not sure if I am the only woman where when I am pregnant my body turns into a radiator.  I am literally baking a bun and I am the oven.  No joke.  I can only imagine how much warmer other women feel being super pregnant in the summer.  Here is a comfortable option for all those women that turn into ovens like myself.

The tank is from Old Navy’s maternity line.  These Old Navy tanks are so comfortable that even though I am two years post partum, I still wear mine.  They are awesome.  The maxi skirt is also from Old Navy and can be paired up with so many colors, pink, green, yellow, black white, plum, whatever, it’s black and white so anything will work.  I love pieces like that I can wear with a bunch of different options.

You see a woman with the perfectly shaped bump, I’m going to let you in on her secret, this motherhood shaper is not tight, it’s soft and it shapes your baby belly into the perfect shape.  If you don’t care about that, to hell with the shaper but if you do, go buy 7 of them, one for every day of the week.

Let’s see, what have I covered?  My body turns into an oven, my belly is lopsided, oh, my fingers and toes turn into sausages so the last thing I want to do is hold a purse.  I love a good cross body bag and there are so many cost effective options at Target.  Once again, the Dolce Vita archers, Target denim vest, Bauble Bar statement necklace, classic Ray Bans and Michael Kors gold watch.

If you are feeling so over being pregnant in the summer, throw your feet up on the sofa, strip to your underwear and just hang out and watch Netflix until your heart desires.  Relax, you’re almost there.  That margarita is right around the corner.

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