The Raging Beast

shutterstock_64312033-300x199Once upon a time there was a beautiful woman.  You fell in love with her smile and charm.  You got married and soon after, she was expecting.  Then, came an evil and raging beast called hormones and the ish hit the fan.

No one understands the hormonal craziness that goes on during a pregnancy more than me. I’ve battled Post Partum Depression 3 times and have been pregnant 5 times, 2 of them ending in a miscarriage.  All five times I was bat ish crazy.  Like seriously, insane.  I couldn’t control my actions and knew that I was being completely irrational, yet while my body was telling me yes, my brain was telling me noooooo! (<– See what I did there?)

If you are around a pregnant woman, please forgive them for the rants and newfound bi-polar disorder. She feels fat, her back aches, she can’t eat what she wants, her feet are swollen, her fingers look like Italian sausages, her vagina is also swollen which makes it hard for her to close her legs and, sore, her vagina is sore, to top it all off, she’s tired, so, so tired.  All she wants to do is lay in bed and sleep but she can’t because she might have a full time job or if she’s at home, she feels the same guilt all women feel. She wants to pick up, cook or even shop but she can’t give anything 100% because of all the things that are over working her body.

If your pregnant friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend or wife are annoying the crap out of you or just flipped out because you didn’t close the garbage can, know that this is not her. The person speaking is the alien invader she is creating in her body. So what if she just began crying because you didn’t turn the bathroom light off. You know that’s crazy and you are sound of mind so just let it go, apologize and move on. There will be more moments like this and they might even get worse after she has the baby. Give her a year to be back to the normal person you once fell in love with.

I’m saying this because my best friend got pissed off at me because I told her she didn’t like wearing gold because it was too wild to wear in a corporate environment.  She went as far as to say that I was attacking her.  I didn’t care, I know she’s crazy right now and moved on.  So if I can cut my best friend some slack, you at home can do it too.  Buy her a nice gift to show her you appreciate the hard work she is putting her body through and tell her you love her. It’s almost over so keep on swimming and wear headphones… Like all the time, wear headphones.

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