Can’t we all just get along?

1322673411_victoria-beckham-harper-nov26-lg“No one cares what you look like.” I hear this comment come out of women’s mouths so much when referring to my attire.  It usually comes along with a side of, “You’re so dressed up.  I used to do that but then I realized that no one cared what I looked like.”  Okay, so what is really being said is, “I never dressed for myself, I dressed to make others happy”.  Thankfully, that has never been the case for me.  I came out of my mother womb loving clothes and style.  I demanded to wear a party dress every single day in Kindergarten until tI had my first wardrobe malfunction and the backside of my poofy skirt got stuck in my tights .  After that humiliating episode, I began exploring options other than party dresses.

I like clothes, I enjoy putting them together.  What’s wrong with that?  What is wrong with me not owning a pair of sweat pants or yoga gear?  I don’t work out and the three times in my life that I have attempted to try Yoga, I have been kicked out because I’m too immature and laugh when people straight up fart in class.  People seriously do that!  I don’t own a “real” pair of sneakers and I don’t leave my home in pajamas.  Does that really mean that I’m insecure or that I’m trying to impress the people around me?  It doesn’t.  I am actually very comfortable in my own skin, even if it hangs over my vagina.  I’m okay with my weight and I know how to dress my body.  I like to shower every day, I brush my hair and a t-shirt with leather leggings or a blouse with boyfriend jeans are my go to outfits for school pick up and errands.  I feel good in them and if some women feel good in work out clothes even though they are not going to the gym, that’s fine, I don’t care.  If I want to apply a little bit of blush on my cheeks prior to picking up my kids from the bus stop, who cares?  Why comment?  Why drink the hatorade? Why not be as supportive as I am that you have been wearing the same pajamas for 3 days?  I don’t comment.  I don’t ask if you have showered or changed your underwear, so why comment negatively on the fact that I enjoy getting dressed.  I have faith that women will one day be supportive towards one another and respect each other’s personal choices whether they are in style, discipline, diet, parenting, or a partridge in a pear tree.  R. E.  S.  P.  E.  C.  T.  Sock to me and sing it again!

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