Packing for BlogHer

BH14_10th_Fundentity_v4_0I attended my very first BlogHer conference this year and for those of you that don’t know, it is like the mecca of Blogging conferences.  All the heavy hitters are there and as a new blogger, I was scared, overwhelmed, scared and of course very worried about what to wear.

I visited all the sites, joined all the groups and everyone mostly said the same things.  Take a cross body bag, only wear flats and no one cares what you will wear and of course, I listened to no one and packed what I felt the most comfortable wearing. I took heels because I like them, I took my two handbags (1 cross body, 1 top handle) and several shades of lipstick.  You would think that all of this did not fit in my one tiny carry on suit case, but it did!  I never actually carry on because the price of $25 for my peace of mind when passing through TSA and having a mini anxiety attack to whether my shampoo will or will not pass TSA regulations is a great deal.  There is no price for convenience.

A few people asked me how many suitcases I brought with me, one person even asked me if I brought a suitcase of just shoes.  Nope, just one.  Just one tiny suitcase.  They were shocked that I brought over make up and fashionable outfits in just one 24 inch suitcase but if you have worked in the corporate events field, you know how to travel light and fashionable.  I worked in events for over 13 years and here are some of my packing tips for any type of trip.

1. Plan ahead.

As in, plan what you are wearing each day.  This may be difficult for that person that likes to live by the seat of their pants but overpacking sucks and it also doesn’t leave room to shop at your destination.  How much do you love finding a little boutique on a trip and when someone asks you where you purchased that top you say, “Oh this old thing?  I purchased it at a little shop in Nassau.”

I plan each outfit ahead of time to reduce the amount of stuff I take with me.  This doesn’t mean that I leave myself one option per day.  I pack two options per day including accessories.  It helps so much to know exactly what I might be wearing.

2. Take Pictures

Lay out all of your prospective outfits. I’m talking about the whole sha-bang, top, bottom, accessories, shoes, err-thang.  This will give you an idea of which accessories and shoes work with more than one outfit and in turn will minimize what you are taking with you.

Just keepin' it real with the hot mess over here.

Just keepin’ it real with the hot mess over here.

My poor beaten up Stevies on the bottom right.  I go through 2 pairs a year!

My poor beaten up Stevies on the bottom right. I go through 2 pairs a year!

3. Think.

Think of how many ways you can use each outfit.  If you are traveling with your family to an amusement park think, can I wear this to an amusement park, shlep back to my hotel room, bathe my sweaty kids and head out to dinner again (because we all know there is never time for mom on family vacas).  If it’s for work, think of how your outfit can go from day to night by just switching out jewelry, shoes and perhaps losing that cardigan.  Once again, this will minimize your load.

4. Share

I have a rule, if I have to think about it, I will not wear it or buy it but there are times that all rules must be broken, even ones that I put in place for myself.  I like to share my “not so sure” outfits with my friends.  They’re honest and I appreciate it because ain’t nobody got time to end up on a Fashion Don’t list.

5. Enjoy!

Enjoy your getaway.  Whether it is for work or play, enjoy living life from another location because after reading this short list, you are going to look fab doing it all from one tiny carry on suitcase.  Hey, Mary Poppins did it, why not you?


  1. As I was reading this and admiring your outfits I just kept wishing…maybe she can just dress me next year!

    I love your tips. I need to read this again before I pack next time.

    • It would be my pleasure but fab is in the eye of the beholder so if you felt fab at blogher, go for yours!

  2. Great packing tips! I always lay out my outfits prior to avoid overpacking and the flats are a must!.

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