I don’t think you’re ready for this belly!

I don't think you're ready, for this belly!

Cuz my body’s too babylicious for you babe!  Yes, I love pop music and it’s just a coincidence that a lot of my blog post titles start with a song.

I. Am. Obsessed with this Old Navy wine colored dress.  So obsessed that I want to purchase it now and let the baby left overs all hang out so I can look pregnant and fabulous and it is right under $30!  If you are expecting, this dress can be used now and all the way through the date you deliver.  It can be worn with flats, riding boots and a long sweater, so many different ways.  If you don’t get it, I will.

You are pregnant, not a saint.  We all know how you got here, whether it was in stirrups or in a filthy bathroom after a ton of tequila shots.  Either way, there wasn’t any underwear involved so live a little, be a bad ass.  Throw on some leather,  it doesn’t have to close, you don’t want to hide the hottest part of your body right now.  When women get new boobs, they flaunt them.  Why not flaunt that baby bump proudly!  Throw on a jacket that you already have in your closet and if you don’t, Zara just came out with this little number that is under $130.  I remember when kids used to get made fun of for wearing pleather but now that we call it, “vegan leather” it’s cool and we must take advantage of the price drops.  I like to throw on a comfortable pair of pumps that get me from A-B.  Right now, it is these Steve Madden Step Out shoes, I have worn them all summer long.  If you aren’t a pump girl, flats are wonderful too (and always in my purse when I wear pumps).

I love a good statement necklace and I will tell you that when I met Khloe Kardashian last week (check my Instagram) she loved my Bauble Bar/Nordstrom Collabo necklace.  I mean, that kind of seals the deal for this thing.  Mom tested, Kardashian approved.

The leopard clutch is from a seller on Etsy and everyone knows how much I love a side braid.  It’s been my trademark since the 90s. When your hair is gross and you want to throw it into a pony tail, go for a side braid instead.  It looks cute and doesn’t make you feel as boring as a pony tail will.

If one of you pregnant ladies does not wear this outfit for me, I’m just going to have to get knocked up to do it myself OR eat a ton of Big Macs and look super pregnant and wear it myself.  Either way,  happy shopping!

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