Tour de NYC Part One

But first... Let me take a selfie.

But first… Let me take a selfie.

There is nothing like summer in New York City.  The humidity, the feeling of the hot exhaust coming from a car when you are crossing the street.  The funk.  The sweaty stranger who rubs his sweat up against you on a busy cross street.  And on weekends, while many New Yorkers go to the Hamptons, Fire Island or the Berkshires, the common folk like myself get to venture out and enjoy not super crowded museums, lonely city parks, mystery meat at street fairs and restaurants not being as annoyed as usual when they tell me they don’t have high chairs (aka they don’t want kids in there) and I whip out my collapsable high chair.  No worries guys!  I got this!  It’s nice to be the common folk sometimes.

This summer we have had the chance to enjoy just a few of New York City’s treasures.  Today, I’ll talk about the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Whitney Museum.

I kept reading about how great the Jeff Koons exhibit was for children and waited on a line after a bellini or two (or three) at brunch to take my children and niece to see this great exhibit.  When we arrived at the front of the line, the ticket associate told me to stay away from the fourth floor because it was very graphic.  I asked her how graphic and she said, “There’s stuff” and I was all like, “What kind of STUFF? Like you see boobs?” and she was all like, “No, you see actual STUFF going in STUFF.” and I was like, crap, how am I going to finagle seeing the 4th floor without my children because now I MUST see it.

We started the exhibit on the most popular floor which was 3.  The third floor exhibits were the mountain of play-doh, giant mylar balloon which is a selfie must and of course the ginormous balloon animal to name a few.  After we were done in that room, we wandered into the patio art area where we quickly saw a piece of art that could have been rated PG-13 or R, depending on who you are asking and when my daughters said, “Look a lady in a bikini!” I said, “She just loves floaties, LOOK over there, it’s the HULK!” and we moved on.  Some parents were bothered but changing the subject and moving on worked for us.

Later on we saw a ton of other exhibits that my children enjoyed.  They got to see their reflections on mirrored animal heads (I feel like my explanations of these exhibits MUST be insulting), look at a stack of sponges, check out floating basketballs and at the end of the day learned that art is really anywhere.

Now, let’s get back to the red room  4th floor.  I had my niece who is 18 walk around with me this way the judgmental stares I received while pushing my 2 year old in his stroller would be easier to swallow.  Not gonna lie, the 4th floor had some heavy, 80’s bush going on but it didn’t make me as uncomfortable as trying not to watch two people making out on the train.  If you have a chance, go check it out.  My kids enjoyed the Jeff Koons exhibit very much and have been continuously creating messes in my house that they now call art.  Teach them about all different types of art they said… It’ll be fun, they said…


“Mommy! A purple floating heart!”


“Take a picture of the kitten and me!”


How many times can my children get yelled at by security for trying to touch the play-doh exhibit?


I mean, of course I did.


Sophia and Hulk


I told you he LOVES elephants.


Monkey see, Mommy do.


Yes, I know. I want to cuddle with it too.


Becky, look at her… The girls favorite exhibit…


Here they go again.


How does this happen?


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