Do the dishes, fold the laundry, CINDER-MOMMY!  Am I the only one that has mom friends that brag about all the chores they get done on their social media? “Took the kids to school, got the car washed, bought Jack some organic bananas and it isn’t even 9AM!”, this is then followed by a few likes and, “supermom” references.  I’m just saying, isn’t this just as obnoxious as posting how much the cleaning lady got done or how upset you are that the laundry person didn’t fold your shirts correctly?  I’m just wondering… Is it?  I understand, you are proud of your achievements even if they include cleaning the toilet bowl, taking the kids to camp and purchasing groceries all before 9AM.  That’s fine, everyone should have something they are proud of but when I see someone talk about all the chores they got done every day.  (Every. Single. Day.)  I can’t help but wonder, is she really proud of herself or is she looking for me to stroke it a little bit.  Either way, if you are proud of how sparkly your floors are, come on over to my house next because if stroking is what you want, stroking is what you will get.


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