Back to School with Allermates

IMG_3183-0.JPGOnce upon a time there was a girl who lived in a bubble.  The girl then grew up and married an accountant.  She later gave birth to three children.  Two of those children having lactose and gluten allergies from the moment they were born.

I have done my part in teaching my children that they cannot eat what other children eat.  When my daughter was 3 and on her very first day of pre-school, she was served milk at lunch.  She looked at the attendant serving her and said, “what are you trying to do?  Kill me?  I only drink milk from a bean, not from a cow!”  The lunch attendant called me and apologized for almost “killing” my daughter.  Somehow, things got a little crazy on the first day and the lunch restrictions were mixed up.  Either way, I was glad that I had drilled my daughter’s lactose allergy to her head.

A mom who I am sure was just as worried as I have ever been of my children being fed something that they are allergic to created Allermates.  Allermates makes children not feel ashamed of their allergies with cool characters that are affiliated with each allergy represented.  Allermates offers lunch boxes that are labeled to show that your child has a food allergy.  The lunch boxes come in colors such as purple, aqua and blue.   There are also stickers, posters and my personal favorite, a super cute epi pen holder that can also serve to hold asthma pumps.  My daughter loves the fun themed bracelets that can be worn to school and drop off parties to alert those around them of their specific allergies.  No cuter arm candy than that. My daughter happens to be allergic to peanuts, gluten and lactose.  She loves her peanut allergy bracelet and pairs it up with something from my tiny Baublebar collection all the time.

As a parent of children with allergies and once being child with allergies, I love Allermates and the peace of mind it gives the parent but more so, that it gives the child the opportunity to own their allergies and even gives them a sense of independence. Allermates not only creates awareness for allergies but also offers awareness for Autism, Epilepsy, Diabetes and so much more.  I cannot imagine a more perfect product to have handy for back to school.  If you are feeling generous, you can even include a pack of stickers and poster for your child’s teacher to help him/her create allergy awareness in the classroom.

Check out a few of my favorite items in the slideshow below.

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