Henry & Me

There are a few things that my father taught by the age of 7.

1. Any argument can be ended with a good F-U that comes right from the gut.
2. Never give a man more than 2 years for a proposal.
3. There are two types of people in New York. There are New Yorkers and then, there are Mets fans.

You see, my father is a big Yankee fan. We went to several games as kids and would dream of one day not sitting in the box seats and sitting in the bleachers who would curse, chant and look like they were having the a great time. That’s why when I was invited to a Mamarazzi event to watch Henry and Me in which the Yankees play a big part in, I was all in.

Sophia and I got all dolled up for the premiere of Henry and Me at the Ziegfield theater in New York City this week. There was a red carpet, step and repeat that I basically had to use my entire body to restrain Sophia from doing her over the shoulder pose on and then there was the actual movie.

We are a family that is as honest as we can be with our children. My children are aware of cancer and know it can happen to anyone. They get it as much as they can but the movement that Henry and Me made in my 7 year old daughter is something that will resonate in her forever.

Sophia and I held hands throughout the entire movie, we both teared up and since there was a point where she sat on my lap, I can tell you that we both even experienced goosebumps. After the movie we stood for the Q&A and when Barrett Esposito was asked where the boy who the movie was inspired by was now, he choked up and asked him to come down to the front.  Jack, the boy, stood up and ran down the aisle right past Sophia and I. It was a wonderful moment that I’m glad I experienced with her.

Sophia loved the nurse, who Cyndi Lauper did the voice for. She has not stopped singing True Colors since we watched it. That’s never a bad thing. Babe Ruth and Hank Steinbrenner are two of the few major characters in this film.

I’m a girl who still bleeds blue and white pinstripes to the point that when I was in labor with my first daughter, I was dreaming that I was taking a tour of Yankee Stadium where none other than Derek Jeter himself made a cameo. This is a movie that everyone should watch. It is filled with Yankee history and a moving message.

I hope it will be as wonderful an experience for you as it was for us.


  1. Diana Rios says:

    Where can i find this movie would love to see it as a Yankees Fan!!

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