Real men change diapers

image001We believe in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, fairies and that all toys are gender-neutral.  When my first daughter was born and she showed interest in trains, I purchased the entire Thomas the train collection.  When my son showed interest in cross-dressing, baby dolls and all things pink, I didn’t think twice about letting him go to school pickup in a snow white costume.  I mean, Kanye West wears skirts, so whats the big deal?

I mentioned my gender-neutral home at Blogger Bash Sweet Suite and the representatives of Step2 thought that the Love and Care Deluxe Nursery would be a perfect fit for my 2 year-old son.  I cannot tell you all the free Facebook time that this nursery has provided me with.  My son loves putting the doll’s clothes away in the baskets that are included as well as throwing all the clothes OUT of the baskets that are included.  He force feeds his baby, which is ironic, because he usually throws all the food I attempt to serve him on the floor.  However, his child is A LOT more obedient and quiet, she’s very quiet.  Alas, he is a man and still has not to separate whites and colors in the Love and Care Deluxe Nursery washing machine.

I cannot say more great things about the Love and Care Deluxe Nursery by Step2 and how it is a perfect gift for all toddlers, both Male and Female.  It teaches them to nurture, love and care.  And, I can say, that I am the very proud mother of a little man who is not afraid of changing a diaper.  Because we all know that real men wear pink and are not afraid to tackle a diaper change.

The cynical laugh always makes me wonder what he's hiding in those cabinets.

The cynical laugh always makes me wonder what he’s hiding in those cabinets.

Whether its number one or number two, he's ready for the battle.

Whether its number one or number two, he’s ready for the battle.


  1. Love that nursery! I want a gender neutral home to…but my son and his truck obsession…. Now that I have a daughter too I guess it’ll balance out and they’ll both play with “girl” and “boy” toys together.
    Love your blog btw, hope to see more posts soon!

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