“I don’t want no stretch marks on my belli”



“Cuz your belli so belli-licious for your bayyybaaaaahhh”

You’re so vain….  (I know, two songs in one post, I can’t help myself!)  Not gonna lie, my best friend and I love loving ourselves.  Now, I’m not saying that I expect wind in the hair every time I walk in the room just that it sometimes happens.  Just kidding!  I’m just comfortable with what and who I am.  Baby left overs that look like a kangaroo pouch, double chin and the fact that I haven’t had an areal shot my vagina since 2o06 aren’t the least of my worries.  None of these things cannot be fixed with a good pair of Spanx and a little bit Photoshop.

My friend is currently in the tail end of her second pregnancy.  She whines… She whines soooo much.  She complains…. She complains soooo much.  Her feet are swollen, her back hurts, she feels fat but ate a double cheeseburger (and 2 cookies), she has heath burn but ate thai food at 10PM, she’s soooo pregnant, her belly is growing, why is her belly growing?  I tell her to shut up all the time, it doesn’t make me the best friend in the world, I get it but as surprised as she is of the body changes that are happening in her (second) pregnancy, is as annoyed as I am with the whining.

My friend and I will buy magic beans if you tell us they will keep our mascara from smudging all day.  When Belli skin care products came on my radar, I knew she had to have them.  My friend was using a natural (little too natural and smelly) man repellent homemade stretch mark prevention cream that was working as well as the sprays you use for your dog not to pee on the sofa.  Her husband was disgusted of the aroma her homemade concoction left in the air.  Even hours after she was gone, the stank was present.  Since I love her husband as much as I love her, I decided to help them both by giving her the entire line of Belli Pregnancy Products.  She was obsessed but before me putting my name behind it, I had to make sure it worked.  She has been using the products since July and her baby is due any moment now whether she believes it or not.

I went over her house to find the products everywhere.  Gone were all her hair products by the sink, it was all Belli products.  You see, my friend is not easy to please.  You can give her the world and she will be upset that she didn’t receive the universe.  Well, Belli has given her the universe and then some.  She is completely obsessed!  Her favorite product from the line is the spray oil.  She has been lathering herself with it every night after work and if she’s off from work, she sprays it everywhere and is as slippery as a sophomore getting ready to for an oil fight at a frat house.  What?  Just me?

If you are expecting, I would definitely say that you MUST invest in this product.  Take a step back from obsessing over your registry and think about yourself for a few moments.  If you are willing to pay $300 for a car seat or $800 for a stroller, remember that this baby needs the best you and in order to be the best you, you have to treat yourself sometimes.  If you have a friend that is expecting, there are great and cost effective gift bundles that are offered right on the Belli skin care site!  Squeeze it, spray it and slather it on ladies.  These Belli skin care products are nothing short of amazing.

**Disclaimer: My friend is not okay with sharing pics of her bump and I don’t blame her as I don’t like to do that myself but I promise that her belly is stretch mark free and pure perfection.***

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