VTech Learning Toys Review

VTech gave me the super awesome opportunity to review 4 of their hottest toddler toys for the holiday season.  That means that I had the opportunity to play with a bunch of toys and now I get to share my experience with all of you.  Yay!

Chomp & Count DinoYou guys, Baron learned all of his colors in less than a week all thanks to the,  VTech® Chomp & Count Dino™ .  Not kidding.  I have been trying to teach this kid his colors and by teach, I mean, put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and nothing.  He would not learn but with this interactive toy, he was able to tell me, “Mommy, I want the BLUE necklace.” in days.  Seriously, this little dino is in no way going extinct and has found a permanent place on my future shopping lists.

Smart Shots Sports CenterMy husband is an ex-basketball player.  Stand down ladies, not a professional player but he dabbled and I might have once believed that he was my meal ticket (not ashamed) but alas, he’s an accountant.  He swooned over the Smart Shots Sports Center™ and not going to lie, I did too.  It is so cute and even makes me, the most un-athletic human being in the world feel like a super star.  Each time the child gets a goal or gets the ball in the basket, it gives them words of encouragement.  I might have slam dunked one or two balls here and there just so that I could be told how awesome I am,  I mean, it’s the closest I have ever been to a magic mirror.

Sit-to-Stand Smart CruiserWe have seen a lot of ride along toys like the Sit-to-Stand Smart Cruiser™  but none of them are as sturdy and have so many different options as this one.  My favorite feature are the right and left buttons because I’m just genetically inclined to ever REALLY know right from left.  I now know where all of my missing items go because my son stuffs them into the cargo under the seat.  He rides it all day around the house which makes it very easy for me to know where he is at all times.
Grow-Along Music CenterThe Grow-Along Music Center™  HAS to be the favorite toy in this house.  I find it all over, my daughter’s bedrooms, kitchen, son’s bedroom, everywhere.  We all love playing with this toy.  You can set the microphone to different sounds.  My favorite is the robot because it makes me feel as if I was using auto tune.  Super fun to play around with.  With that being said, it is great for all ages.  Everyone from my 2 year old son through the 30 somethings in this home are absolutely obsessed with this toy.


If you want to see the toys in action, check out the video below.  That lady looks super familiar…


This post is sponsored by VTech.  VTech products, information, and additional playsets have all been provided by VTech.  All opinions and reviews on product are my own.

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