Surprise, surprise.

Ohhh Momma!


Guess who is expecting?  No! It’s not me but close enough!  I have a few friends who are secretly expecting and I am so excited for them all!  So excited that I had to put together a comfy maternity look that is both stylish and not super expensive because we aren’t all married to David Beckham and we can’t all invest in super expensive maternity clothes when we are expecting.  Not even us moms who are shopaholics.

One of my favorite places to shop for maternity clothes is Old Navy.  The bulk of their maternity collection is always featured on their website which is perfect when your feet are swollen and you really do not feel like a) waiting on line or b) trying on clothes.  This chambray top is perfection and can be dressed up and down throughout your whole pregnancy.  If you are one of the lucky ladies who still looks 7 months pregnant after having a baby like myself, this top will be a staple in your wardrobe for over a year.  A little something about cords.  So, when I was pregnant with my first daughter, I had a pair of maternity cords and one day I was walking and kept hearing this crazy sound, I would stop and the sound would stop, I would walk and the sound would start again… It didn’t take long until I noticed that it was the sound of my pregnancy thighs rubbing together.  Either way, that didn’t stop me from purchasing a pair of maternity cords again.  These maternity cords by Old Navy are perfect and I adore the rich color that these come in.

Remember, just because you are expecting does not mean that you can only shop in the maternity section.  So you are a small now?  Try a medium and know that your belly (and boobs) will grow into it very shortly.  I know that when I am expecting I am always burning hot and like to wear layers.  You know that blazer I always talk about from Zara with the gathered shoulders that I wear ALL THE TIME?  Well, Forever 21 has an almost identical replica for under $30!  WINNING!  While wearing just a blazer outdoors is completely out of the question for commuters or people that live in really cold temps, it is all I wear when I am pregnant because I’m in and out of a car or in and out of a mall (Jersey life!).  I do however always wear a scarf and hat because the pain I feel in my ears when I am out in cold temps is intolerable. This cute hat and infinity scarf combo at Forever 21 comes in at less than $25.

I am going to go ahead and just say that snakeskin is the next plaid, at least for me and these ballerina flats by Steve Madden will be used way after you have your baby.  Why not splurge a little on them?  They’re flats which means they are comfortable and they can be worn with jeans, cords, pregnant, not pregnant, errthang!

A secret congratulations to all my secretly pregnant friends out there, I am so excited to share this journey with you.


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