Survival of the sickest

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Coloring Books or FREE Printables found here (✓)
Crayons (✓)
Hand Sanitizer (✓)
Thermometer is working (✓)
Tissues (✓)
Hand Soap (✓)
Great, the hand soap does not contain 62% isopropyl alcohol… Of course my husband bought the wrong one…  I mean, everyone knows that it’s supposed to contain that, right? (Remove that check)
Make sure my kids are up to date on their immunizations and flu shot (don’t crucify me) (✓)
Vitamin D Supplements (✓)
Stickers (✓)

We had two full weeks off of school this past holiday season.  My kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly while I questioned my sanity several times (all the time).  The weekend before school is back in session.  I always go through a check list of what I need to stock up on for the back to school germs.  Hand Sanitizer is always on deck.  Disinfectant spray, disinfectant wipes for knobs and handles, disinfectant bubble bath…   A bubble…

I like to keep my kids as busy as possible when they are sick.  This makes the whining a lot more tolerable because whining is like floral patterns, less is more and very much appreciated.  Even if my kids are in a grumpy mood, I like to have activities for them that are perfect for lounging in bed.  I always stock up on disposable Play-Doh, Coloring Books, New Crayons (must be new), Stickers, PediaCare (use THIS coupon for a dollar off) and a little stuffed animal.  All of these things can be found at your local Dollar General store.

What do we want?  Vitamin D!  When do we want it?  NOW!  I’m a strong believer that a healthy daily dose of Vitamin D helps prevent illness during cold and flu season.  And guess what?  I’m right!  Vitamin D supplements are said to reduce a child’s risk of getting a cold by half.  HALF!  And guess what else?  I’m even more right because according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children should take at least 400 IU of Vitamin D a day, an amount found in most children’s multivitamins.

We have a strict bedtime of 7:30PM and while some may argue that I enforce this bedtime time to watch trash TV, you’re right!  But I also enforce the bedtime so that my children can have a good night’s sleep.  I find that the key to a good night’s sleep during the winter months is cozy bedding and many guarantees that there is NOT a monster in the closet.

When any of my children have a fever, I freak.  They’re going to die!  They have a fever!  I have no idea why but fevers freak me out every single time.  I always remind myself that sometimes a runny nose and light cough is accompanied by a fever for up to three days.  Of course, if the fever persists and the symptoms worsen, it’s time to pay that co-pay honey because there could be a bacterial infection going on.

I always call my pediatrician when administering medicine to my children.  PediaCare® has created a dosage chart that you can follow.  Click here to download the PediaCare® dosage chart, which helps you match your child’s symptoms with one of their products. When using the chart, it’s best to weigh your child first to determine proper dosing of PediaCare® products. If weight is not known, use age.

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