Happy Birthday!!!

(null)The definition of a real man isn’t how well you know sports stats, how many bros you have, how many times you have hit it and quit it, how many people you’ve punched in the face, being jealous or how your fantasy sports team is doing.
Being a man means working like an illegal alien for your family, not caring what the world thinks of the manicure your daughter just gave you, never waking up your wife for overnight feedings because you want to get to know your baby too, purchasing a “cheer dad” outfit because you’re so proud of your girls, laughing in a friend’s face when they say you’re “whipped” when you tell them that you spend all your free time alongside your family and would rather not hang out (blasphemy!) and of course being as excited for your yearly VMA costume as your wife is.
Happy Birthday to the manliest man I know. You’re even manlier than I am and I’m pretty manly.

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