Winter Blues

It’s the most wonderful dreadful time of the year.  I HATE winter.  Black ice, yellow snow and forcing my kids to wear hats.  I f’ng hate it. However (silver lining), as terrible as this season is, there are a few things that I love.

1. Humor – Watching youtube videos of people falling on black ice never gets old.

2. Winter Holidays – Starting December 21st, all through mid-March, we celebrate.  We celebrate dinners in December, a bountiful amount of alcohol on New Years Eve (and hopefully passed hors d’oeuvres), massive amounts of chocolate in February (preferably after the 14th when they are all on sale) and green beer in March.

3. Layers – Layers, upon layers, upon layers of clothing to cover up all of the fun you had in the winter months.  I. Love. Layers.  My favorite layer being this aritzia sweater.

4. Cuddling – Cuddling in my layers, after a family dinner, eating massive amounts of chocolate, Netflix and couture Tea by Big T NYC … While Cuddling.

5. Hot Chocolate – Because no other time of the year is acceptable in ordering it without looking like a total dork #buddytheelf

6. Binging – This winter I have binge watched Downton Abbey, Parenthood and I will not publicly admit if I have watched anything else.

7. Snow Days – There is nothing like that special email or phone call from your kids’ school notifying you that you don’t have to wake them up and continuously remind (force) them to wear their hats to school.

I’m not the only one sharing seven things about winter! Check out my fellow Chosen Chix and some of their thoughts on winter:



  1. Now, I wasn’t wearing pink, but I did the same black ice shuffle as that kid!
    It was on my driveway. Unlike the kids, I ended up on my well-padded butt.


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