Night at the (Gutierrez) Museum

character-teddy-rooseveltLong, long ago in a world where the 1 and 9 trains both existed, this girl visited the American Museum of Natural history at least twice a year with her classroom and way too many times with my family.  My tiny cross color and fanny pack wearing feet walked through the hall of North American Mammals (in school bus themed Converse sneakers) so many times that it has become a huge part of me.  That is why when the first Night at the Museum movie hit theaters, I made it my business to sit in the rat infested theater that was Loews 84th street to watch it and it was amazing.

Since joining the bridge and tunnel crowd, I have sat in traffic many times to ensure that my children still get a taste of the city life that my husband and I both grew up with.  That includes a visit to the American Museum of Natural History at least once a month as well as them being knowledgable in the entire Night at the Museum movie franchise.

We just hosted our very first movie night in our new home and watched, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.  While watching the movie we were able to reference and share information about the characters  by using this discussion guide that can be found on the Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb official  Pinterest board.  My daughters loved when Sir Lancelot was introduced in the film and immediately referenced the Magic Tree House books.  On the Pinterest board you can also find a bingo game which will keep the kids from being annoying being un-stimulated.  You can even ask for all of the guests to wear a badge in order to come into the theater family room.  I made it a VISG (Very Important Security Guard) section.  They loved it.

There were many fantastic and hilarious parts of the movie but nothing was more touching than seeing Robin Williams‘ very last performance as the late and great Theodore Roosevelt.  It was magical.

In case you need a little more convincing, please check out this trailer of the movie.

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