Imagination Movers come to New Jersey!

Double SmokeAre you ready to rock?  Are you ready to see a rock band that has performed at the White House for two presidents live on stage?  Great, because the Emmy award winning rock band, Imagination Movers are coming to New Jersey!  If you have children, the chances are that you have caught yourself humming the tune of Imagination Movers which are the stars of their own show on Disney Junior once or three times.  This Friday, March 20th, in the Shea Center of Wayne, NJ the Imagination Movers will hit the stage with a live show!

In case you didn’t know and need a little more convincing, the Imagination Movers are a New Orleans based rock band.  Their concert is the top rated and best reviewed live rock concert for families on  You can prepare yourself to rock out to your favorite Movers songs and get ready to see guitar and (my favorite) drum solos, confetti cannons, giant balloons, smoking trash cans and flying toilet paper!!  Flying, toilet paper and no one will have to worry about getting arrested.

Tickets are $25 and still available at  My family and I will be there and now you have a chance to be there too!  Enter my giveaway below for 4 tickets to this Friday’s show on March 20th. The winner will be announced on Wednesday evening at 10PM.

Lots of luck and Rock and Roll!

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  1. I like all the corny old dance moves!

  2. Gotta go with the ROBOT! 🙂

  3. Lissette says:

    Im excited for the imagination movers raffle!

  4. Awesome giveaway!

  5. My son would go bananas over this! I would love to be able to take him to his first show!

  6. My 2 year old would L-O-V-E this! And a stay-at-home momma on a budget would heart it too. 🙂

  7. Sherri Lutz says:

    My kids and I love the gangnam style lol

  8. It will be fun

  9. Elizabeth says:

    The robot is great

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