These jumpsuits gonna make ya!

Adult onesies are always a good idea until of course you have to pee. Nothing in the world makes you feel more vulnerable than standing in a stall half naked and praying for the scene in Scream not to come alive while you are caught with more than just your pants down.

This past Wednesday, I attended the Orgullosa event at the Times Center in New York City.  It was empowering, informative and so much fun.  Of course, the hours leading up to the event I kept building my pile of what to wear in my room and finally decided on adult onesie aka jumpsuit.  It was so comfortable, I didn’t have to wear Spanx, I didn’t feel the need to suck anything in and I had pockets.  Why doesn’t more female attire come with freaking pockets?

I found these 4 jumpsuits at that are not only extremely similar to the style I wore this past Wednesday but are all under $30 and perfect for a mom’s night out, vacation family dinner, laundry if you’re a real housewife or throw on a pair of flat sandals and you are good to go for the park, you know if you’re that mom that likes going to the park…. In a casual jumpsuit because I totally would be that mom, you know, if I liked going to the park.

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