7 Easter looks for Children

Easter is almost here and if you have not even thought about what your children are going to wear to the hell that is the public Easter egg hunt in your area, no worries, I got you boo.

I am very traditional when it comes to dressing my children.  Now that Sophia is knocking on her tween years’ door it is getting harder and harder to find cost effective pieces for her to wear that allow her to bend over without me worrying about her derriere hanging out for all to see.

Here are 7 looks for whatever tickles your pickle when it comes to dressing in your Easter finest.

1. Can you see her skipping through the fields and elbowing all the savage parents in this ah-dorable floral print dress?  I can.  I can also picture her older sister and brother politely tripping other children at the hunt in these fabulous and traditional outfits from Gymboree and Janie and Jack.



2. I really love the colors in these dresses and feel like they can be worn on so many occasions.  One of the things I really enjoy about Gymboree is that you can put together a kind of/sort of matching sibling look and each style still have their individual look.  These three dresses are a perfect example of that.

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3.  I like purchasing traditional boy clothes on Zulily because it is so much more cost effective than purchasing directly from the luxury retailers they are usually sold on.  Plus, if I put together all of the money I have saved using Zulily, it totally makes what I have spent with them basically free.  This yellow dress from Gymboree and Gingham Suit Set from Zulily is Easter perfection and for sure the perfect setting for an awkward family photo.



4. Is it unusual to be loved by everyone?  Ummm… I can answer that, no, no it is not unusual you cute little mini version of Carlton Banks!  I LOVE this little guy outfit and will have to get it for Baron.  It is just my favorite.  The bright yellow-green color and compliments the navy in the boy’s outfit and I LOVE a drop waist on a little girl almost as much as I love a Texas sized hair bow.



5. Pearls + Easter = Always a great idea.  The end.  This outfit from Gymboree is pure perfection from head to toe.


6. Easter doesn’t always mean that you have to pull out all the frills and ruffles.  You can be casual and enjoy the holiday watching It’s the Easter Beagle, over-eating ham and having three servings of mashed potatoes piled up on your plate.  These outfits from Crazy 8 are priced oh so right and will not have you worrying about grass stains on anything because your food coma isn’t going to allow you to worry anyway.

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7.Brands like Wooden Soldier, Florence Eiseman, Luli & Me and so many more keep the timeless look of children around for us to enjoy and pass down from generation to generation.  I love a good heirloom outfit on my children.  There is something extra special about seeing your child in an outfit that not only you wore but so many aunts wore before you.  Heirloom outfits are like Chanel, always in style and worth every penny.

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  1. Holy IN LOVE with the little blue number in the first option. The hat! I love those hats. And the gorgeous blue. I wish my little man was younger, I’d have that on him in no time. And he’d be wearing it every weekend, not just on Easter!!!! Especially that hat.

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