Anna Banana

9781626720206We love the Anna Banana series! We have just read the two newest Anna Banana books to hit the shelves.  Out of the two our favorite is Anna Banana and the Chocolate Explosion. What the book is about is when Fuzzball (the little fuzzy guy) makes a big explosion in the kitchen and Grizzler (the little cute bear) cheats and lies (which my 6 year old sister always does) about baking a chocolate cake and at the end they all bake a chocolate cake together.  It’s a really fun book to read because when we bake with my mom, we make a mess but she says the messier the kitchen, the better the food.
In the second book we read, Sleep Tight, Anna Banana all of her friends which have cool names like Zigzag, Whaley and Grizzler just to name a few are really tired and want to go to sleep but Anna Banana is keeping them from going to sleep because she wants to read a book and everyone is snoring (like my dad) which keeps her from concentrating on her book.  Later in the story, Anna Banana wants to go to sleep, but all her friends are trying to keep Anna Banana from sleeping just to get back at her from not keeping them from sleeping.  After some back and forth, Anna Banana saves the day by saying, “why don’t we all go to sleep together at the same time!”.  Can’t wait to see the other books in the Anna Banana series!

The Anna Banana books are written by Dominique Roques and illustrated by Alexis Dormal and Anna Banana and the Chocolate Explosion is set to come out on June 16th and will be the perfect anyone’s summer reading list.


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