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Yes, they have done it again. The innovative geniuses at Tiggly have created yet another phenomenal interactive educational app called, Tiggly Words.  I’m all about not feeling mom guilt and this app allows me to throw  hand a tablet to my children and know that their brains soaking in knowledge and not surprise egg videos.  How many more times do I have to listen to an adult give a review in a baby voice?  HOW MANY MORE TIMES?!
Okay, now tTigglyhat that’s over.  This past Saturday my family had the pleasure of testing Tiggly Words before it went out to the market.  Tiggly words includes 5 vowel pieces and 3 apps.  My 2 year old son had a fantastic time correcting me when a hog was shown on the screen and I called it a pig.  Who knew there was a difference between a hog and a pig and if you did know that there was difference you can go ahead and pat yourself on the back because that’s about all you are getting from me.
Tiggly Tales was recently featured as the best app in the app store!  It is also the winner of the Play Advances Language (PAL) Award.  Yes, honey, you can tell that snotty mom who sits at home sewing eyes on socks all day and actually executing her Pinterest craft board that your child plays with an award winning toy that teaches them phonics, sight words, errthang girl.  Mmmmmhmmmm…
I always keep my iPad and a pack of Tiggly toys in my bag.  They are always my last (or first) resort when the little guy gets a little crazy.  He calms down as soon as he starts playing and secretly learning.  Now that summer is here, I am sure that the vino will continuously be replenished and that all of our Tiggly toys will be used a lot (a whole lot). I have personally purchased Tiggly toys for a few children as gifts. Join the cool mom club and get your own No-Guilt toy to help you keep sane this summer and forever.

To learn even more about the Tiggly brand and all the fascinating ways they have made learning fun, click here.


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