7 ways make your road trip (with kids) less miserable

Summah! Summah!  Summah time!  It’s here!  It’s finally here!  Summer is here and while according to our calendar it arrived on June 21st, our dreary weather begs to differ.  Summer means that many families across not only our country but the world are planning road trips, vacations and holidays (if they’re fancy) to create a memorable experience.  I am 1 of 4 children and that of course meant MANY road trips with game boys, walk mans and eventually CD players that skipped.  My brothers and I would sit in the good old Dodge and dream of things that would make our road trip experience less miserable.  “What if the cars had TV’s inside of them?!, “What if our game boy’s glowed in the dark?”, “What if there were more cup holders and AC vents in the back of this caravan?” and while all of our inventions came through and we are still poor because we didn’t patent our genius ideas.  Here are a few other tips, 7 actually, that will make your road trip less miserable.

1. If you have banned electronics for your family, now is the time to peddle back and let it happen.  Tablets are amazing and yes, your children are completely ignoring you while playing on them but it is your choice on what type of apps you want to install and let them play with.  I love Tiggly, Toca Boca, Marble Math and many more learning apps that will make your child ignoring you feel more like peace rather than frustration.

2.  Movies, stack up on those movies.  Preferably ones that they have not seen before.  Musicals work for my family, my kids love them.  They also love the Disney Sing-a-long DVDs that I purchase through Amazon before any trips.

3.  Pack an emergency kit.  I like to take a bag with bad snacks, I’m talking gummy candy, sour candy, M&Ms all the good/bad stuff.   I also pack a few dollar store toy finds, coloring books and travel games.  Hasbro makes a great travel version of the classic game, Guess Who, we have the Disney version and it never disappoints.

4. Check out these games that normal children will play with on Pinterest.  I dream of having children that will love to play road trip versions of BINGO without fighting.  Some parents even create an entire activity pack for their children complete with card games, and colored pencils.  Who wants to do that for me?  My God, you women are my heroes.

5. Organize, you must be organized.  Don’t overpack, I pack two pairs of shoes per person.  A light rubber shoe (Crocs or Natives) and a neutral sandal (Saltwater Sandals by Hoy Shoes).  Will your children really die if they wear the same pair of denim shorts twice?  No, they won’t.  Do not overpack because overpacking clothes will leave less room for snacks and snacks are obviously important.  Since you will pretty much have an array of junk food options on the road, you can pre-pack all of your favorite to-go healthy snacks for your children.  Check out what this mom did here.

6.  You know I love books so Audio books are a dream.  There are a few that my children love to listen to and they are Charlotte’s Web, Alice in WonderlandHow to Train your Dragon and Magic Tree House to name a few.  This kills the motion sickness that many of us feel when we are reading in a vehicle and the whole family gets to listen and enjoy too.

7.  I don’t see nothing wronnnnnng, with a little Valium.  Seriously, if your chest is already tight and you are short of breath, talk to your doctor about giving you a prescription for something that will ease the nerves during your traveling experience.  Don’t crucify me yet, they aren’t going to give you max 4 pills, 2 to get there and 2 to come back.  Not that I speak from experience or anything….

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