Miles from Tomorrowland!

Miles! Miles from Tomorrowland! Are my children the only ones that sing this song all day? Am I the only adult that sings this song all day? Even when I’m not with my children? Out loud?
We are a Disney loving family and my son’s current fascination with outer space could not come at a more perfect time because Disney Junior’s new hit show, Miles from Tomorrowland has gifted me with 30 minute increments of peace every day. We have also created space ships out of cardboard boxes and played outer space inspired games in our home where we shut off all the lights and throw glow necklaces around the house to light our way in “outer space”.   I usually hide in the closet during this time in order to squeeze in some snapchat time.
Disney has stepped it up a notch and instead of 30 minutes of peace, I can now enjoy a full 2 hours because Miles and his friends (including my favorite, Merc) are going on a super-galactic adventure which can only be seen on Miles’new DVD which is out in stores (YASSS!). The DVD also comes with an exclusive clip-on Blastboard Flashlight that can only be obtained through purchasing the DVD.
If you are looking for a fun back to school gift or just to buy some “free” time for yourself OR some snapchat time, check out Miles from Tomorrowland: Let’s Rocket on Disney DVD in stores near you!

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