The Berenstain Bears LIVE!

4505-2I married Papa Bear.  We watched the Berenstain Bears Live a few weeks ago and my husband and I laughed so hard because him and Papa Bear follow the same diet of sugary sweets.  It was an early Saturday morning for us and instead of us dozing off, we were all very involved and entertained by the show.
We sat in the VIB section and our kids sat front row and lit up every time the Bears acknowledged them throughout their performance.  Was I worried that Baron would stand up and knock down the set?  Yes.  Did I have to tell him to sit down several times?  Yes.  But!  He was so excited about the bears that he was mimicking their every move.  Especially the Coach Bear.  That was his favorite.
“Remember when the story of the duck and the fox?” has been an opener to many family conversations since we watched The Berenstain Bears Live.  The show does a great job on touching on a ‘beary’ important subject, strangers.  It also touches on healthy eating and finally getting Papa Bear on board after he busts his pants due to too much fluff on his tummy, very much like my husband had done days before us watching the show.  Seriously, I married Papa Bear.
After the show there is an opportunity to take pictures with the Bears themselves and also get a mini bear make over from Mama Bear.  My kids loved that part!
My 8 year old, 7 year old and 3 year old all enjoyed the show and all walked away with something positive to say and my husband, Papa Bear changed his snack routine from chocolate chip cookies and honey buns to almonds and carrots.  Definitely check out The Berenstain Bears Live, you will not walk away disappointed.


  1. Aww, that sounds like it was a lovely show. So glad to hear that the whole family got to enjoy it and that it created memories that you and your kids will cherish for years to come.

  2. Pictures after the show? You know my kids would be all over that situation!
    Strike a pose with the bears, kiddies!!!

  3. Aww, that sounds so fun! I grew up with the Berenstain Bears books – and this show sounds great for families!

  4. My girlfriend always invites us to go but we could never agree on a schedule. Hopefully one of these days we will get to see the show.

  5. I grew up reading Berenstain Bears myself and I loved them! I like the title of the Live show. I’m sure my kids would love it. Thanks for sharing!

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